Autumn and Halloween - A6 temporary tattoo set. Vegan temporary tattoos. Vegan Halloween. Vegan gift ideas.

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    Limited edition of Halloween and autumn inspired temporary tattoos.

    Are you a vegan witch? Fancy a pumpkin on your wrist? 🎃  We've got you covered 😊

    Our temporary tattoos are vegan friendly (like everything else on our website) 🌱💪🏻

    They are also children friendly and non toxic. (My toddler loves them!)

    Make the most of your tattoos:

    1. Dont use any lotion/oil or balm on the area you want to put the tattoo on, because it wont stick.

    2. Cut as close to the design as possible for the best effect.

    3. Make sure you take the clear plastic sheet off before pressing the tattoo onto dry skin.(people forget to do it all the time, and this way tattoo just sticks itself to the protective plastic)

    4.After pressing the tattoo onto dry skin, wet it with some water and give it around 20 sec. Dont rush it, the paper should come off by itself.

    5.For the first 10-15 mins after the application, try not to twist or stretch the skin around the tattoo too much. Give it time to fuse with the skin.

    6.It will look very shiny and sticker like at first, but after a few hours it loses the shine and looks more natural.

    7.If you want to take a decent picture to show it off (No judgment, I do it all the time. Check out our Instagram feed 😂) go outside. Natural light doesnt reflect the shine as much and you can pretend you got a real tattoo 😜😎

    8.The more tattoo rubs against the clothing the more bits it will pick up over time. You can actually wash it gently with soapy water (it wont come off) but they definitely look fresher for longer when not in direct contact with fabric.

    Any questions? Let us know. 

    Find us on Instagram @thingsicareaboutshop Wearing one of our tattoos? Tag us! We LOVE seeing your pictures 💙

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    5 product stars

    All tattoos are awesome , black cat is my fan with title VEGAN

    Posted by Aanav choudhary on 09/10/2017

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