Happiness is a choice. - round vinyl sticker. Vegan friendly. Gratitude journal sticker. Bujo sticker. Water bottle sticker.

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Happiness is a choice.

Round vinyl sticker - 7,5 cm diameter.
Stick it everywhere! Its waterproof, UV proof, durable and carries message that can change lives.

Ive been living by it, mind some day more successfully than others, but I can promise you, you will find more happiness actively seeking it, than idly waiting for it to come by.

Im not implying that people with clinical depression are choosing to be ill, neither am I implying that we shouldnt grieve a tragic loss of a loved one. Im not talking about extreme situations. Im taking about normal, everyday life and our general attitude towards it.

I used to be quite negative. I would choose to see the bad in every situation and focus on imperfections. If something wasnt perfect, then I would just dwell on it, overlooking all the good stuff.

When I first heard the phrase happiness is a choice I was quite offended by it. I was an anxious mess, I hated my job and the implication that I might be partly responsible for my life and the way I feel really upset me. However, being a very curious person I started reading on the subject and eventually I had to admit, that well, yes, I am responsible for my life. (duh) And even though I dont have control over the universe, I do have control over my actions. I cant always control what happens, but I can control how I react to it.

Even though I couldnt beat anxiety, I could educate myself on the subject, change my lifestyle, take care of myself, eat well, meditate, do yoga, exercise, seek help from people who recovered from it etc.(Btw it was hard work, but it did work and Ive been anxiety free for about 5 years now, but thats a story for another day. By the way - you dont beat anxiety. You take care of yourself, you wait it out. Your stress levels go down over time and poof! One day you realise you dont feel anxious anymore and its the most amazing feeling in the world. Took me almost two years to recover, but you CAN recover from anxiety. True story.)

I dont want to bore you to death here with an autobiography that no one asked for 😂 so long story short, I made different choices. I changed my mindset and I am happiest and healthiest Ive ever been, living in a different city and doing something I love. (Please note that I am still work in progress. I dont want anyone to be disappointed when they meet me in person. Im no Beyonce 😂)

The point of this very long speech is: if this sticker offends you, ask yourself why. Google it. Read a few books. Think about it. Give it a try.

And once you agree, by all means buy the sticker. Its so pretty.

P.S Being miserable and feeling sorry for yourself is actually much easier than choosing to be happy. However, feeling happy feels a LOT better. Stop making excuses. Make an effort. Its worth it.

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